The Arda Ecosystem

Our Arda platform enables a decentralized marketplace that connects End Users’ exercise data with the AI to make it meaningful and the Buyers to make it valuable.

The Arda Smart Training Community

In Market Now!

Buyers are third parties such as health insurers, retailers, advertisers and health researchers who pay in ARDATs to access rich customer insights and can make targeted offers to Users.

Users retain full control of their data and can choose to share it with Buyers in return for ARDATs. They also receive coaching insights and guidance from Arda and get rewarded for good behavior using ARDATs.

The Arda Token

ARDAT Tokens can be used by holders to access a range of services, all of which have been deployed separately in a non-blockchain world by corporate partners during an earlier phase of Performance Lab’s evolution, when we focused on enabling other business to offer better training to their customers. 

But we are now bringing all of these services together in one place for consumers — and protecting their personal data. After their initial engagement, users will need to buy tokens to access further services, or earn them through good behavior. 

The Arda Marketplace

The Marketplace for meaningful Exercise Data

The Value of your own Data with Arda

Initial Use Cases of the Ardat Token

Organizations want to know about patterns of health and fitness activity in select communities. You will receive ARDATs if you make your data available anonymously to these researchers.

Commercial Researchers

Vendor gets access to regular business, and the customer receives discounts. Furthermore, because you can use ARDAT Tokens for purchases rather than loyalty points, those points don’t show up as a liability on the vendor’s balance sheet, making them even more keen to transact with you. Your identity will not be revealed, but offers can be sent to you via the blockchain, with your exercise history also verified by the blockchain.

Health-Related Royalties

Like Commercial Researchers, but they want to save the world instead of make a profit. It’s up to you whether you want to help them out, but if you choose to do so you will not receive ARDAT Tokens, researchers are verified non-profit entities and social enterprises.

Public Good Researchers

They want to make you an offer based on who you are. You’ll get rewarded each time you allow your data to be released for this sort of targeting. In theory you will get offers relevant to your personal needs, and remember that our ecosystem is designed from the ground up to be health enhancing. By paying for any offers in ARDAT Tokens, you also provide them with the tokens needed to make their next offer. And so the ecosystem hums and cycles to everyone’s benefit.


Hard & Soft Cap

Hard Cap of 


Soft Cap Reached!

Token Insurance

The maximum number of ARDATs to be issued in the TGE is 328,500,000. Tokens will be automatically allocated to approved applicants’ wallets once the TGE has closed.

Token Supply Breakdown

Main Offer Token Price

Each token is the ETH equivalent of US$0.12. There is no minimum contribution.

Token Price Breakdown

Circulating Supply

The total number of tokens in circulation will be



90,000,000 Tokens were sold in the presale along with a bonus issue of 27,000,000 tokens.

Expected Utility

Access Arda coaching service applications and modules

Reward users for healthy behavior

Compensate users for sharing their data within the ecosystem

Purchase goods through various loyalty schemes

Access data reports supplied within the Arda ecosystem

Token Distribution

Key Dates

Q2 2018

Main Sale (Ongoing)

With the help of CTIA and Blockhaus sales of the Arda Token went live.

Q3 2018

Apps in Private Beta

iOS and Apple Watch apps went through their second intenal release running the Arda engine.

Q3 2018

Apps in Public Beta

Beta release will be available to select early investors for feedback

Q1 2019

Arda Apps Launched on App Stores

Planned launch of an Arda coaching app for iOS 


Subscription & Rewards

Get paid to complete your training

Our Team

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Chief Finance Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Performance Lab, Chairman

Our Advisory Team

Aaron Mcdonald


Daniel Gillespie


Jerome Faury


Ruitao Su


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